Welcome to The Roller Toaster!

Hey there!
Welcome to our awesome site!
So, this is our first post and we thought that we should tell you a bit about why we even bothered creating it. Well, here’s the real deal:
Busy as we are with our awesome lives, we have little time to spare. BUT we also wanted to make your own boring and dull lives a bit more interesting.
And TADDAAAH! We’re here, saving the world again, just like all the cool kids do. And we’re modest too. You have to admit it to yourselves.

Okay, now, seriously: our lives aren’t that awesome. Oh, and we’ve never been the cool kids. However, we still think that a good laugh can make miracles.
If you find pop-culture references funny, adore puns, watch geek shows and movies and have silly viral songs playing inside your head frequently (your secret’s safe with us, we promise *pinky swear*)
then, this is what you’re looking for. We’ll try posting new stuff on this thing regularly and we hope to get some feedback from you guys!
See you on our first… Ehm… Normal post!

But till then, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

We’ll be back!
Cherry Angel, Mac Lovinit and Danee Arnette


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