Potato Bikini Table

So, for today’s Daily Prompt, “Three-Tenths”, which apparently asks for complete randomness, here’s this heartfelt veggie-love story that I decided to share, full of random stuff.
First, the words I wrote down:

And now, the good part:
It was a warm summer night and Marie, the potato, was sitting on the table. She looked through the window and wished to be out there in a farm, chilling with other potatoes. “I feel so alone!” she cried. She indeed was. Her parents had recently become angels in the sky… puree in the pot actually. “Are you alright, Marie? I’m here with you, don’t be afraid!” said Tomas, the tomato. “Really?” asked Marie. “Of course. We’re both vegetables, I love you” answered Tomas . “No, Tom. You’re still controversial.” Said Marie, the bitchy potato. Tomas felt his juicy heart chopped off. Suddenly, a weird sound, sent from hell, flooded the kitchen. “Oh my smooth peel! Is this the frying pan?” yelled Marie. “No, sweetie. Just ‘One Direction’ on the radio.” answered Dana, the banana.
Dana was a hot a banana. She always wore small, black bikinis, big sunglasses and a high heel. Tanned as she was, humans never wanted to eat her. “If only you saw what I can see, you’d understand why I want you so desperately, Marie!” sang Tom, with a trembling voice . Marie was too busy at that time playing fruit ninja on her potato phone, so she gave no notice to Tomas. “Oh Marie, talk to me already!… W-What was that????” yelled Tomas, surprised by another sound. “Oh shit, my dear veggies! You’ll become soup!” said Dana. “What are you talking about, bitch!? That’s J. Lo!” claimed Marie. All of a sudden, something raised Marie from the table. “AAAAAHHH! GUYS, HEEEELP ME!” cried the little, poor potato. Her smooth, sweet skin was getting peeled off. She was crying for help, but no fruit or vegetable could save her. She felt herself getting chopped off and her heart leaving this cruel for vegetables world and then meeting her dearest, puree parents in the vegetable heaven. Marie was now cut in small pieces, in a pan, waiting to be eaten. “M-Marie…” said Tomas. He couldn’t handle the pain and fell off the table. “I want to be with you, my lovely potato!” he said, as he was falling to the ground. Eventually, the two of them were served as dinner, along with other friends of theirs. They were together… Nowadays all the vegetables throughout the world honor these two lovers and their story will never be forgotten…

Danee Arnette


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