This Is Why We Love Superhero Movies


In honor of the three superhero blockbusters that hit theaters this summer (Man of Steel, The Wolverine and Kick-Ass 2) we decided to make a list of all the fine reasons why we love to watch superhero movies. Be it the critically acclaimed “Dark Knight” or the panned “Green Lantern” (seriously guys, don’t watch that movie) every movie that includes a guy in a spandex suit or an armor is destined to be a box office hit. But what makes us crave for them? Let’s check all the (right) reasons out: one by one!

-Hot guys and girls in costumes

Okay, now this one pretty much explains itself. It addresses mostly female moviegoers, because guys will always be guys and would watch the Avengers even without ScarJo’s cameo (although that cameo made the movie much more enjoyable for them).
Best example: Thor *sigh* and Black Widow in “The Avengers”. Oh, and the other members weren’t bad either.

-The “zero-to-hero” fairytale

That’s all a story needs to make the viewer relate to the main character. Every hero was once a zero. Or has felt like a zero even if he’s “a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” (aka Tony Stark). And, no matter how realistic we are, this thought makes us hope that someday we may end up in a costume saving the world too. It’s not going to happen, but the trick works every-single-time.
Best example: Kickass. An “invisible” guy in highschool becomes an overnight internet sensation.

-Badass action sequences

Guns and knives and bombs and more knives and more guns! Oh, and PUNCHES and KICKS! Lot’s of ’em! Fights always excite us and they give us that divine adrenaline rush that excites us even after the movie is over.
Best example: Hit-Girl, guns and Bad Reputation. ‘Nuff said.

-The “Mary Jane Effect”

With all that villain fighting going on, it’s good to see that super heroes have a sensitive side to them too. The Spidey-Mary Jane romance, that spanned three films, is where this effect got its name from. However, other superheroes have their normal human pairing too (although some prefer to hook up with each other, something we’ll talk about later on). The ones that come to mind right now are Thor and the Green Lantern, but I’m sure there are some more too.
Best example: All the Spiderman movies, especially the reboot (aka “The Notebook in Spandex”).

-Better-than-the-actual-hero villains

That’s an ingredient that makes a truly memorable superhero movie. It’s easy to make the audience identify with the hero. But it’s a huge success if you make the viewers respect the villain. Bonus: The greater the villain, the more valuable the hero’s victory.
Best example: Joker in “The Dark Knight”, thanks to a stellar performance by the late (and always missed) Heath Ledger.

-Superhero pairings

What’s best than a superhero falling for a girl-next-door? A superhero falling for a girl fighting on the second floor, of course! Partners in life, partners in crime-fighting. They can fend for
themselves and they can protect each other too. Bingo! The perfect formula for a perfect couple!
Best example: Batman and Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Well, those are some of the most important reasons that make watching superhero movies a somewhat compelling habit. In case we missed any, you can always let us know in the “Comments” section.
Have fun watching your favorite superhero movies and stay tuned for more posts!

Cherry Angel, Mac Lovinit and Danee Arnette


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